The premise is pretty simple: We each give you one thing to watch, one thing to listen to, and one thing to read over the weekend.

Read/Watch/Listen To This: Sheep Are The Best Edition

THE WEEKEND HAS ARRIVED. While we hope you'll spend most of it reading, watching, and listening to the genre-transcending masterpiece that is Lemonade, we've taken the liberty of providing you with additional resources for Internet fun-having over the weekend.


Sorry Creationists, The Darwin Fish Is Real

A joke on the religious symbol and an icon of the evolutionary idea of transitional forms, the Darwin fish packs a blasphemous one-two punch.


High On History: The Volcanic Disaster That Decimated The 19th Century

A little-known Indonesian volcano caused disease, famine and massive arctic melting in the 19th century. Death toll: tens of millions.

Credit: ThinkStock

No More Mr. Nice Country: Canada Battles Russia for North Pole Oil 

Our usually polite northern neighbor has put on its war paint.


Science is Sweet: Physicists Break Out the Bubbly — the Big Bang is Real!

So what’s up with the Big Bang creation theory these days?

So glad you asked!


Science is Sweet: Tiny T-Rex Was Envy of the Arctic

Think T. Rex lived in hot climates only? Think again.