Jenni Berrett

Jenni Berrett


Jenni Berrett is a 19 year old writer and dog walker living in the Central Valley of California. She is a big fan of all things literary, feminist, and featuring Amy Poehler. She has a knack for rap lyrics and a strange obsession with Werner Herzog documentaries (they are boring and exciting AT THE SAME TIME). You can find her on Twitter @jenni__bee.

Jenni Berrett Articles

I felt so much nothing that it was an emotion unto itself: the feeling of having no feelings.

Sometimes It's Hard To Feel Things Again: Adjusting To Life After Depression

[CN: vomit] Having been an unfeeling, sluggish husk of a person with the nap-taking skills of an elderly sloth for the past five months or so, I have reemerged too tender for this world.


3 Tips For Eating Well When You're Really F*cking Depressed

In the midst of struggling with being depressed, you’re also saddled with the practical realities of staying alive. It’s no easy feat.


A Case For SB 277: The Morality Of Vaccinations

"Disease takes the body over, and, in the cases of the diseases we vaccinate for, moves swiftly on to other bodies. It does not ask permission to enter. "


Thoughts From Twitter: On The Charleston AME Shooting

There is a lot on the Internet to read about the tragic Charleston shooting that took place late Wednesday night. Here are a few noteworthy tweets to get started with.

It was the night before my father’s funeral that I finally asked the tarot for help.

Using Tarot To Work Through Trauma

It was the night before my father’s funeral that I finally asked the tarot for help. I was incapable of imagining a future where I delivered his eulogy.

Eyeshadow tutorial? Why not?

A Case For YouTube Candle — And Makeup And Hair And Room Redo— Videos

Last week I had a bit of a meltdown. It was not a good time. Luckily, I was able to calm myself down with one of the most beautiful pastimes to have been born out of the Internet.


Your Panic Attack Doesn't Care If You're Happy

"...Mental illness isn’t that exclusive. It doesn’t care how your day is going."

The premise is pretty simple: We each give you one thing to watch, one thing to listen to, and one thing to read over the weekend.

Read/Watch/Listen To This: Sheep Are The Best Edition

THE WEEKEND HAS ARRIVED. While we hope you'll spend most of it reading, watching, and listening to the genre-transcending masterpiece that is Lemonade, we've taken the liberty of providing you with additional resources for Internet fun-having over the weekend.

Sometimes faking it can feel like yet another shame-based attempt to conceal my mental illness.

Should You Really Fake It Till You Make It?

More than any other unsolicited mental health advice I’ve received over the course of my life is the admonishment to “fake it till you make it.”


The Messiness Of Mormonism

Culturally speaking, though, it’s pretty much set in stone. Even if I left the church entirely, there’s no getting out of my heritage. Cut me open; I’ll bleed funeral potatoes. I’m what you call a “legacy Mormon” — my ancestors migrated across the frontier and settled in Utah (then Mexico) after facing unspeakable persecution from countless communities in the United States. You probably know my ancestors best as the people with the wives.