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The young women interviewed described using fake orgasms as a tool to “escape” a situation in which they otherwise had no control. Image: Thinkstock.

Women Are Faking Orgasms In An Attempt To End 'Coercive' Sex

The tale of women faking the big O has been around forever, and is often bandied about as a joke. But when it becomes an act of self protection, it is a massive negotiation on a woman's sexuality.


Italian Couple Sues for Bad Sex and Wins!

About two years ago the woman was hit by a car while crossing the street. Since then, she and her husband have noticed that the injuries have had a particularly cataclysmic effect: their sex life has been ruined.


Has your Relationship Plateaued?

Ugh, he was so much hotter (smarter, more interesting!) two months ago.