being a parent

What I do know is that I have read a lot of stories about being a mom that do not fit my experience at all.

Why Would I Ever Want To Be A Mom? 

In praise of being a mom: it isn't all snot, spew, and self-loathing.

It’s a wish that I could live a thousand different lives if only there were time.

Chasing The Life I Didn't Live

Starting a new year makes me look toward the future, looking at all the choices that lay ahead of me. But it also nudges me to examine my past in a very certain way. It's the time of year I always find myself thinking about the choices I didn’t make — about the life I didn't live.

Being an introvert and a parent are two things that just don’t go together, and I know I need to change.

The Truth About Parenting That Only Introverts Know

I’m now a mom of two, and very rarely do I have a moment to myself. Just now, I had a shower and I put my baby son in the bathroom with me, because he cries if he can’t see his mom. My three-year-old daughter sleeps in my bed, and always wants to sit on my lap. I’m with at least one other person 24 hours a day.And I hate to admit it, but it’s draining. I love my children more than anything. They are my favourite humans in the world, along with my husband. The reason why I am drained is because, as an introvert, constantly being around people saps my energy.


How Losing A Baby Helped Me Gain Perspective

Three days prior to Christmas 2009 and 11 weeks into the pregnancy, my wife and I lost our baby.