I will talk about Disney with my kiddos, but it’s not something I want to tweet about during my free time. Image: Thinkstock.

5 Moms I Won't Follow On Twitter

I've noticed that some moms include some pretty wild descriptors on their Twitter profiles. While some are out-there and some are just plain boring, reading them has left me scratching my head, wondering that they would waste their 140 characters on these terms.

image credit: Lex Gjurasic

UN-Brand My Art: The Case For Creating Outside The Capitalist Box

Since the turn of the last century the art world has seen the decline of the Artist (capital A) and the rise of the “artrepreneur,” the “creative careerist” and the myriad of other fanciful terms that can all be distilled down to just “creative” (noun). I find myself cringing when I hear these terms.


Sunjin Kim: Brand/Design Specialist

Spotted at: Ferry Building, SF