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Allison Cooper


Allison Cooper is founder and writer for Project Motherhood, where she blogs about balancing her love for family, fashion, and living in the big city. She is the co-founder of INTRO NYC, connecting brands, bloggers, and helping bloggers stay educated in the ever-evolving digital space.You can find her writing, at NYFW, spending time with her boys, or sipping on strong coffee!  You can connect with Allison on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Not impressed. Image: Pixabay.

Why I'm Not Impressed By Your Perfect Instagram Feed

[CN: mention of suicide] It’s not all real. We don’t live curated lives that are built around purposeful omissions of reality...

Little lies or big ones, knowing when to tell the whole truth and when to hold back can be hard with kids. (Image Credit: Instagram/nbcthisisus)

What 'This Is Us' Has Taught Me About Lying To My Kids

** If you haven’t yet watched this series, the below article includes some spoilers. **

While co-sleeping might be/have been a magical bonding experience for you and your baby, we just aren’t having it. Image: Mindy Olson P/Unsplash.

I'm Against Co-Sleeping And Don't Really Care What You Think

For some reason, when you become a parent, comments start coming your way (or you start throwing them in someone else’s direction) so fiercely that it completely consumes you.... Co-sleeping is one of those hot-button issues, and, just like breastfeeding, most parents typically sway one way or the other with vigor.

kids + holidays = not always a great combo.

5 Ways To Help Keep Kids Calm Over The Holidays

... there is no joy in the season when mom is locking herself in the bathroom to pull her hair out — don’t let that be you!

I’ll sing it from the rooftops and admit the one thing that many moms might feel ashamed to say out loud: I live for nap time.

I'll Admit It, I Live For Nap Time

Yes, I said it. I’ll sing it from the rooftops and admit the one thing that many moms might feel ashamed to say out loud: I live for nap time.

Sometimes it's good to speak (loudly) your mind.

My Husband Let My Son's 3rd Grade Teacher Have It - And I'm Okay With That

3rd grade is no joke. There really isn’t any way around it, their curriculum is tough shit.

I'm a creature of habit. Image: stokpic.

On Self-Isolation And Working From Home

I've noticed an evolution within myself over the past year: I’ve been avoiding leaving my house at all costs.

Image: H&M

Balmain x H&M: This Collaboration Will Knock Your Socks Off

It’s always a glorious day in the fashion world whenever a new designer collaboration is released! Who doesn’t love getting a new, precious designer piece of fashion for a fraction of the cost? It’s a truly wonderful thing. This week, we say hello to the newest on the list, as H&M officially launches their much anticipated collaboration with the renowned Balmain on November 5.

Summer vacation is basically one long-ass weekend, right? Image: Tim Gouw/Unsplash.

5 Things I'll Avoid Doing This Summer That Will Make Me A Happier Mom

Being a work-from-home-mom, I used to kind of loathe summer because it meant balancing activities and still trying to get all my stuff done, but this year is different. I’m allowing myself to take it slow (probably because I have no choice, being 32 weeks pregnant) and enjoy being a mama this summer.

We’re tired, we’re trying to cram a million things into our days, and all we want is to throw on a pair of mom leggings and a jean jacket to run to Target and grab our Starbucks, without someone looking at us in judgment.

An Open Letter To Anyone Who Judges My Mom Leggings

Whenever you see a mom rocking her “mom-leggings,” and you judge or shame her, I beg you to take an effing step back, get off your high horse and take a second to understand that she’s just been through a lot and these leggings are giving her life.