Oh Hi Brazil, Thanks For The Breastfeeding, Food-Shaming, Body-Policing Nonsense

In today's THANKS FOR THE FOOD-SHAMING and oh BTW YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND PHYSIOLOGY news: Tits and donuts. Sounds pretty good right? WRONG.


Traveling As A Feminist 

Traveling is good for your soul, or at least that’s what those motivational images of beautiful sunsets on Facebook say. I don’t know for sure how much better my soul feels after I go on a trip, but I do know that travelling as a woman can result in some interesting observations. The difference of treatment that women receive from one country to another has always been fascinating to me. Not only because we can be targets of sexism and misogyny anywhere, but because of how the overtness of inequality varies from location to location.


If I Wanted To Get An Abortion, I Would Not Be Safe

There's a deadly cost to Brazil's stance on abortion. If I died, I would be shamed for making a choice that should be a right.