Channing Tatum

And you don't apologize for this, either.

16 Signs You’re Feminist Enough 

Feminism is so hot right now; even men are feminists, ladies. Channing Tatum is doing feminism, Jon Hamm is doing feminism...all the good ones, really. So, how do you know if you’re a feminist? And how do you know if you are feminist enough?


Roxane Gay: Bad Feminist, Best-selling Author

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Schlubby Dude Gets Hot Chick: 22 Jump Street Revives Hollywood's Favorite Trope

Hollywood, can you please green-light my script in which I effortlessly bed Channing Tatum? The normal-guy-bags-hot-girl is so overdone.


New Peter Pan Movie "Racebends" Princess Tiger Lily, Casts Caucasian Poster-child Rooney Mara

Last we checked, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was not Native American.