"This is the subtlety of advertising that doesn’t escape people like me. It is even more powerful because of its deniability. It’s like the dirty joke at the dinner table that the kids miss." Image: author

Take The Cake: Power To The Thinnest

Last week I posted an image of myself on Instagram, middle finger raised, in front of an enormous ad that said “Power to the Thinnest.”


Earth's Eerie Hum Is Finally Explained!

Did you know that our lovely little planet creates an eerie hum? Don't fret if you didn't: Our human ears can't detect it.


RIP, Internet Explorer

The time has come to bid adieu to that

Courtesy of Lwp Kommunikacio, Flickr

Why We're Conflicted About Pink Floyd Including Stephen Hawking On Their New Album

It's no secret that Hawking's intelligence eclipses most, but does iconic brainpower in turn render him ripe for parody?


Geri Wittig: Web Producer

Spotted: at Pier 70, San Francisco


Sex Toy + iPad: Your Long Distance Relationship Just Got More Interesting

Techie sex innovations like OhMiBod are changing the way we connect with—and stimulate—others.