Part cookie, part fudge, part heaven in your mouth - white chocolate cranberry cookie fudge!

The Most Lovely White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie Fudge Recipe (And Video!)

Every now and then, I produce something in my kitchen that actually blows my own mind. Heaven in your mouth - white chocolate cranberry cookie fudge!

Speculoos Cookie Recipe

Speculoos: A Recipe For The Cookie That Started As A Cookie And Then Became Another Cookie

I made you these cookies. They are special cookies that are made from pulverized cookies that became butter that then became cookies again.

No-bake coooookies!

#RavsRecipes: No-Bake Cookie Bars Of Amazement

No-bake cookies were always one of my favorite potluck eats. These seemed like straight-up magic to me, and I was fascinated by cookies that tasted awesome without baking them. It was potluck sorcery at Hogwarts level.


It's Official: Study Confirms Casual Sex Can be Amazing

People who like casual sex aren't actually deranged freaks. Is it time to stop judging no-strings-attached lovers?