Imprecise, hurtful language is a problem. Image: Thinkstock.

I'm Not Saying 'Crazy' Anymore

Imprecise, hurtful language is a problem, because it legitimizes other people’s use of the c-word. This perpetuates the stigma around mental illness, because if a mall full of people, or a rampaging toddler is “crazy”, that re-enforces the image that mental illness isn’t real disability. It says “crazy” just equals chaos, impulsiveness, or the inability to get your life together.

You have no business throwing these words around as if they don’t really mean anything or refer to actual people. Image: Pexels.

PSA: When You Misuse The Word "Insane," I'm Going To Judge You

You can swear up and down that you meant it some other way, but the reality is that “crazy” and “insanity” refer to a lack of sanity, which will always circle back to and affect mentally ill people, especially when it’s used in ways that diminish or sensationalize our experiences.