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At the time, no one could tell me why I was suddenly visiting the ER on a monthly basis. Image: Thinkstock

Having A Rough Childhood Can Affect Your Health As An Adult

Prescribe, refer, repeat — that was the drill for several years. It wasn’t until I started to explore the impact of childhood adversity that I saw the big picture, and it began to make sense.

Tips for becoming a self-love warrior.

6 Things Chronic Illness Has Taught Me About Self Love

I learned the power of being on my own team, of understanding my mind and body as unified, and the peace of seeing meaning-making and wisdom-sharing as my ultimate place in the world. This struggle has been my greatest gift, and it is only expands with my ability to share what I've learned about self-love from having a chronic illness with our beloved readers (as well as including several self-portraits I began taking during my infusions of medication).

Credit: The Hohmann Lab

Oh Shit! How Frozen Poop Pills Could Save Your Life

Sure, poop capsules sound gross—but they could represent a significant medical industry breakthrough.