Learning about fertility and reproduction — and noticing how my body could play a part in helping someone have a baby — was absolutely mind-blowing. (Image: Thinkstock)

Would You Donate Your Eggs? 4 Reasons I Did

I felt like my body held some kind of magic — magic I always saw in other people, but not in myself. Because despite all the pain I had been through, I was able to use my body for something beautiful.

Think about it.

On Silence As A Tool For Queer Families

People see a baby and immediately imagine that the kid must have a mother and a father, who are probably married, who made that baby with good ol’ fashioned P-in-V sexual intercourse, most likely in the missionary position.

We call this Instagram filter "The Scandal" (Credit: ThinkStock)

Is The White House Engaged In A Prostitution Scandal Cover-Up?

Why is former Secret Service agent Jonathan Dach getting special treatment? And could his wealthy dad be involved?