Josh Duggar: Evangelist or A**hole? (Spoiler Alert: Now Busted On Ashley Madison)

In today's WTF, Josh Duggar. AGAIN. When will the Duggars just go away? I worry that the answer may be never.

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, Creative Commons

Turning The Other Cheek To Incest: The Josh Duggar Scandal

Make no mistake: Josh Duggar is the one and only person responsible for molesting his sisters. But it's naive to pretend that the environment in which he was raised had no impact on his actions.

5 Kids. FIVE.

5 Things Friday: 5 Kids Edition. A View Inside My Big Family — Not Duggar Big. But Big.

Oh HOLY NIGHT. Can you even imagine how much laundry five children and two adults (and three dogs and a cat) create? The answer is: No. You cannot.

Credit: Facebook

Why The Petition To Cancel 19 Kids & Counting Is About So Much More Than A Reality Show

A petition to challenge the Duggars' anti-LGBTQ actions is closing in on 100,000 signatures. Here's why it matters.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Michelle Duggar: Mom of 19 Turns Transphobic Robocaller 

The "19 Kids and Counting" star is leveraging her pseudo-celebdom to fight a trans rights ordinance.