fourth of july

Stephen Colbert

4 Things Friday: Things You Probably Definitely Don't Know About Independence Day

If you took US History in high school — and were able to stay awake — you may have been able to retain a few facts about our fine country. But if we're being realistic, chances are no, probably not. Even if you do remember some of the things you heard in between snores, you probably didn’t get the full story.


Watch Fireworks in a Way You've Never Seen Them Before: Drone Style

We've got to say this is a brilliant use for a flying camera.


Star-Spangled Style: 6 Patriotic Pieces That Will Free You From Ugly

Because it's downright un-American to wear a red tee and call it a day.


Why It's Time to Ditch Betsy Ross

The myth surrounding this Revolutionary War figure might be the lamest in history.