Marigolds! They stink.

Tips For The Organic Gardener: Natural Pest Control When Worms ATTACK

I mean, ideally we'd live in Buddhist harmony with all of the Earth's Creatures. I try. And then Earth's Creatures start eating my squash and I am on fire with the rage of a thousand non-Buddhist suns.

What a "friendly, bread-sharing weirdo."

How To Channel Your Inner Homesteading Hippie Mama (No Matter Where You Live)

...canning stuff is the best. It makes you feel like a badass pioneer woman preparing for the Oregon Trail except in this scenario you’re making orange basil marmalade for brunches rather than sustenance and you have unlimited access to a shower.


All the Monarch Butterflies Are Dying—But You Can Help

As farming becomes increasingly industrialized, toxic herbicides have killed the milkweed plant that sustain monarch butterflies.