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Winona Dimeo-Ediger


Winona Dimeo-Ediger is a blogger, author, and banjo enthusiast based in Nashville, Tennessee. Follow her on Instagram @winonarose.

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Roller coaster. No.

25 Reasons I Don’t Want To Go On The Freakin’ Roller Coaster

"I’ve been on three rollercoasters in my life. I hated every second of all of them."

Knitter for life.

5 Mind-Clearing Activities That Are Way More Fun Than Meditation

Have you guys tried those “adult” Lego sets? They’re not “adult” in, like, a “build your own dildo” way (although I’m sure that’s a thing on eBay) but in a “you follow instructions that are probably too advanced for your 3-year-old nephew to follow and feel super smart and accomplished when you put the final piece on the top of your small-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower” way.

"We're happy to get that pesky ovarian cyst removed, and all for just 6,354 payments of $59.99!"

10 Easy Ways To Afford Health Care In America

In light of the news that the GOP’s Affordable Care Act replacement

goat hair brooch. Image:

20 Genuine Questions I Have About This Goat Hair Brooch From Nordstrom

12. Was someone just like, “I have a great idea: let’s shave part of a goat and then kind of ball up the hair and glue a pin on the back and call it a goat hair brooch”?

 smaller, less glamorous fears can be much more important to face than the huge, exciting ones. They can be scarier too, and much more complex.

Sweating The Small Stuff

I’d been so busy patting myself on the back for conquering my big fears, I failed to acknowledge that the types of things that scare me had shifted. A lot of the obvious stuff didn’t bother me anymore — but what about all the smaller, more personal things that still scared the living shit out of me?

I regularly call upon personal saints whose sainthood only exists in my mind!

5 Extremely Specific Personal Saints I Pray To Regularly

I regularly call upon personal saints for help. Really specific ones whose sainthood only exists in my own mind, but they’re very effective. Today I’d like to introduce you to a few of them; feel free to call on them as often as needed.

Credit: Thinkstock

10 Everyday Yoga Poses You've Already Mastered

Including: public transit inversion pose and heart-opening "shut up, mom" pose.


Signs You Might Be An Entitled Millennial Who's Ruining Everything

Basically, if you took a map of the world and put red pushpins wherever something terrible was happening, you’d find a millennial directly in the center, snapchatting.

Think outside the box for a tax filing experience that’s truly enjoyable.

10 Ways To Make Doing Your Taxes FUN!

This year, don’t wait until April 14th to log onto TurboTax or drop off a crumpled pile of pay stubs at H&R Block. Think outside the box for a tax filing experience that’s truly enjoyable.