Winona Dimeo-Ediger

Winona Dimeo-Ediger


Winona Dimeo-Ediger is a blogger, author, and banjo enthusiast based in Nashville, Tennessee. Follow her on Instagram @winonarose.

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Vintage Casual: A How To

"Your quest to stay true to your retro aesthetic is not impossible. Here are a few tips for incorporating your love of vintage into a modern, casual wardrobe."


Just Because I'm Curvy, Doesn't Mean I Always Want A Pin-Up-Girl Bikini 

Dear bikini manufacturers: Not all short, curvy women want to channel their inner Marilyn Monroe.

Portland. Image:

11 Questions People Ask You When They Find Out You’re From Portland

At any given moment 43% of Portland residents are chained to something in protest. The other 57% are already in jail for chaining themselves to other things.

The '70s is for everyone.

Off The Cuff: How Do I Make The ‘70s Trend Work For My Body Type?

There is no law that says only certain body types are allowed to wear certain styles of clothing. Nothing terrible is going to happen to you if you opt for a pair of flare jeans that make your thighs look bigger or a maxi dress that visually shortens your already short frame. You will still be gorgeous and unique and worthy of love and respect.


Off The Cuff: Summer Shoe Options That Don’t Show Toes

From personal insecurity to medical issues to office dress codes, summer months don’t always translate to open toe shoes. Here are a few summer shoe options that are stylish, comfortable, and seasonally appropriate, all without showing any toe.


Off The Cuff: How Do I Stay Stylish At The Gym?

Half the fun (or maybe more than half? Maybe all the fun, actually) of going to the gym is getting decked out in cute workout clothes.

She brings peak HBIC vibes.

6 Easy Ways To Get That Ina Garten Swagger

This woman has serious swagger. It’s a slightly more subtle swagger than, say, Snoop Lion, but it’s there: in the nonchalant flick of her wrist while tossing garlic cloves into a food processor; in her decision to throw a spontaneous formal garden party just because she made a frittata, and in her firm pronouncements to use only “good” ingredients — without ever defining what that means.


An Imagined Conversation With A Holiday Gift Guide For Your Dad

Me: Alright, hit me with some suggestions.

Holiday Gift Guide: Drum roll, please! How about… a tie?!?


20 Things You Should Never Apologize For (And 10 You Totally Should)

A New York Times editorial about women’s proclivity for apologizing for things that aren’t their fault has been making the rounds on social media this week. For many of us, the article hit home in a pretty profound way, especially the scene where the author, Sloane Crosley, described saying “sorry” multiple times for a restaurant messing up her order, something over which she had absolutely no control and in fact should have been receiving apologies for.