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Winona Dimeo-Ediger


Winona Dimeo-Ediger is a blogger, author, and banjo enthusiast based in Nashville, Tennessee. Follow her on Instagram @winonarose.

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Portland. Image:

11 Questions People Ask You When They Find Out You’re From Portland

At any given moment 43% of Portland residents are chained to something in protest. The other 57% are already in jail for chaining themselves to other things.

Salad is not the only food.

5 Popular Weight Loss Tips That Can SUCK IT #DitchTheDiet2016

If you’re at an amazing restaurant, eat the amazing food there! Enjoy it! Don’t limit yourself to one bite of expensive entree because you frantically forced down a pound of undressed salad before the bread basket showed up. Eat salad for its own sake. Eat it because you want to eat it, not because you’re trying NOT to eat something else.

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An Imagined Conversation With A Fashion Magazine

"But I'm your friend! I'm like your cool big sister that makes you feel insecure and unworthy 99% of the time!"

Self Reflection

How I Learned (And Unlearned) To Judge Women’s Bodies

The thing is, we soak in these body-judging lessons from a very young age, before we even know how damaging they are. Some of the messages are implicit, like when we see a fat girl getting made fun of on the playground (or, for many of us, when we are the fat girl getting made fun of on the playground) and learn that being fat is not just wrong, it’s a punishable offense.

What a "friendly, bread-sharing weirdo."

How To Channel Your Inner Homesteading Hippie Mama (No Matter Where You Live)

...canning stuff is the best. It makes you feel like a badass pioneer woman preparing for the Oregon Trail except in this scenario you’re making orange basil marmalade for brunches rather than sustenance and you have unlimited access to a shower.

Admit it: This look is fierce

Justin Bieber Circa 2012—And Other Unexpected Style Inspirations

Also worth considering: Beyonce on vacation, Prince George, your mom in the '70s.


Just Because I'm Curvy, Doesn't Mean I Always Want A Pin-Up-Girl Bikini 

Dear bikini manufacturers: Not all short, curvy women want to channel their inner Marilyn Monroe.


Off The Cuff: What To Do When You Hate All Your Clothes

One woman’s frumpy maxi is another woman’s new favorite dress. Gather a group of friends together for a clothing swap.


Off The Cuff: Crop Tops For Curvy Ladies

Practically speaking, if you want to try a fashion trend that you’re not initially comfortable with, approach it the same way you would an awkward convo with your mom or a spontaneous skinny dip in a freezing lake: ease in.


Sarah Von Bargen: World Traveler, Blogger, Internet BFF

Sarah Von Bargen believes yes is more fun than no.