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Winona Dimeo-Ediger


Winona Dimeo-Ediger is a blogger, author, and banjo enthusiast based in Nashville, Tennessee. Follow her on Instagram @winonarose.

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Off The Cuff: How Do I Downsize My Humongous Makeup Collection?

One of the best things that happened when I downsized my wardrobe was that I finally felt like my clothes were working for me, not vice versa. I wasn’t constantly stressed about the mess in my bedroom from clothes that didn’t fit in the dresser. I no longer had daily freakouts about what to wear while staring at an overstuffed closet. I had a nice selection of clothes that served me well.

I regularly call upon personal saints whose sainthood only exists in my mind!

5 Extremely Specific Personal Saints I Pray To Regularly

I regularly call upon personal saints for help. Really specific ones whose sainthood only exists in my own mind, but they’re very effective. Today I’d like to introduce you to a few of them; feel free to call on them as often as needed.

For people who feel things deeply, just BEING is an intense experience. Image: Thinkstock.

4 Survival Tips For The Sensitive Soul

Dear Sensitive Soul: Are you having a hard time right now? Me too. I think a lot of us are.

Life and Death cover.

Beyond Twilight: 10 Other Things That Should Get The Gender-Swapping Treatment

The Real Househusbands of Beverly Hills: See how the stay-at-home husbands of the most powerful women in Beverly Hills truly live! Watch these “men of leisure” shop, do brunch, plan opulent parties, and get in fistfights over insinuations that their lush heads of hair aren’t exactly all-natural. Scandalous!


A Love Letter To My Curvy Dance Instructor

When I felt a familiar wave of insecurity creeping up and threatening to mute my movements, I looked to you for inspiration, and I danced even bigger.

Credit: Thinkstock

5 Easy Ways To Cure Frumpiness  

Suffering from a severe case of the frumps? Not anymore.


Photo Series Shows Men Violating Women's Boundaries

It can be difficult to describe the pervasiveness of sexual harassment to people who don’t experience it firsthand.


10 Reasons We Should Defund Planned Parenthood IMMEDIATELY

Reasons why we should defund Planned Parenthood because plays an integral role in ensuring women have control over their bodies and reproductive choices.


Lauren Carpenter: Co-founder, t-615

fashion entrepreneur. advocate for human trafficking victims.

You, dear senators, have been busy trying to bring about the apocalypse, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for self-care. That’s why it’s imperative that these next four weeks be about one thing and one thing only: your self-care. Here are a few ideas to get you started

Self-Care Tips For GOP Senators

You, dear senators, have been busy trying to bring about the apocalypse, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for self-care.