4 Tips For Hashtagging Your Most Deeply Private Moments



Get creative!

There’s no question that the most private moments in our lives — from the inner workings of our romantic relationships to intimate medical procedures — need to be shared publicly and immediately across multiple social media platforms. That’s a given.

But alas, there is one notable downside to our addiction to oversharing and instant gratification: coming up with a great hashtag for every post! It’s easy to get bummed out when you can’t think of a clever hashtag for a picture of your aunt’s funeral or it seems like all the good colonoscopy hashtags are taken.

Don’t get discouraged, though!

Here are a few tips for successfully hashtagging all those life moments that probably shouldn’t be shared or hashtagged at all.

1.Make it personalized.

There’s a reason wedding hashtags are always super detailed (IE, #EmilyandJohnPutARingOnItInCapeCodMay52016, rather than something simple, like #EmilyandJohn) — because all the basic hashtags are already taken!

Throw in as many personal details as possible to make sure your hashtag is easily identifiable in a sea of similar hashtags. For example, if you’re having gastrointenstinal distress, resist the urge to hashtag it with something generic like #diarrheacramps.

Instead, include your first and last name and the date to make it your own: LynnSmithDiarrheaCrampsFebruary2016. This way your diarrhea hashtag will never get mixed up with someone else’s diarrhea hashtag, and thank goodness! Because that would be embarrassing.

2. Keep it short.

There’s nothing worse than a long, clunky hashtag that takes up two lines of text. Use shortened words, acronyms, internet slang, and numbers to get your point across in as few characters as possible.

Shorten #MyHusbandCheatedOnMeWithOur20yearoldNanny to #HubsCheatedw20YONanny.

Or better yet, split it up into a collection of multiple hashtags that, together, form a cohesive story: #Caught #HubbyNannySex #PoorChoices #Shes20 #Hes40 #Creepin #DivorceNowPlz

3. Get creative.

So, let’s say you’re hashtagging a photo of yourself at a goiter-draining appointment. Don’t settle for something generic and obvious like #GoiterDrainingAppt. Get creative and include a fun bit of wordplay or a pun!

How about #GoiterDone, a humorous, goiter-centric take on Larry The Cable Guy’s classic line, “Git ‘er done”? Or #MakeItDrain, a play on the popular rap lyric “make it rain”?

These twists on pop culture lingo will make you seem hip and “with it” and make your hashtags #supermemorable.

4. Ignore basic etiquette and social norms.

Did you experience a moment of hesitation before creating a hashtag for your great uncle’s wake, wondering if it’s appropriate to create a hashtag for a somber, private event like this? We’ve all been there.

The solution? Take a deep breath, let the moment pass, and hashtag away!

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