gender dysphoria

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The Trans Mental Health Debate Is A Lot More Complicated Than You Think

The commonly held interpretation is that I am “a woman trapped in a man’s body,” but the truth is much more complex than that.

Gender dysphoria can lead to overwhelming major depression and anxiety. Image: Thinkstock.

When Gender Dysphoria Triggers Self-Harm

Trans people struggle with disproportionate levels of anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges. This is because we don’t identify with the genders we’ve been assigned based on what our bodies look like, and because we can’t reconcile our true selves with the gender roles that are imposed upon us. This often leads to self-harm.

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Trans Stunner Andrej Pejic's Triumphant Story is a Start—But Not a Solution

While trans stunner Andrea Pejic's recent coming out party was met with adoration, the majority of trans Americans still suffer.


Transgender Americans Still Marginalized—and No, Dallas Buyers Club Didn't Help

Dallas Buyers Club emerges at a pivotal point; transgender people are marginalized not only as societal anomalies but are also remain grossly underrepresented by our healthcare system.