A Hawaiian couple surprised her grandparents with a new home.

Lovers & Fighters In America: Hawaiian Couple Gifts A House To Grandparents To Honor Their Love

'The Lovers & Fighters of America' is a weekly column here at Ravishly featuring behind-the-scenes stories of inspirational people taking

Reading in paradise. Image: Jody Amable.

A Grown-A** Woman Reads Harry Potter: The Half-Baked Prince

I was waiting to finally not like a Harry Potter book, and folks, I found it. Half-Blood Prince was boring.


Shannon Yen: Stylist Assistant

Spotted in: The Mission, SF


Celeste Cooper: Chef, Soon-To-Be-Restaurant-Owner

Spotted in: Temescal, Oakland


Sharon Smith: Kumon Instructor, Traveler

Spotted in: Jack London Square, Oakland


Yawn Your Way to Bliss: Watch Sleepy Sloths Demonstrate Perfect Summer Zen

They’re just too drowsily happy to let anything get to them.


Watch and Revel: Majestic Time-Lapse Video of Hawaii’s Volcanic Activity

Lava on mountains, and lava in the sea! Lava in our hearts! This video takes volcanic adoration to a new level.


Let's Get Real: Is Your Cell Phone Addiction Dangerous?

We've been asking the question. And now we're asking it again: what health risks do we face by keeping our cell phones pressed against our bodies nearly 100% of the time?