Who decided these "normal" rules, anyway?

How To Let Go Of The Idea Of 'Normal' And Live The Life You Really Want

Let's stop trying to make "normal" happen and let "interesting" run free instead.

"Look, I know it sucks to be rejected — but is social acceptance worth sacrificing the things that separate you from everyone else?" Image: Thinkstock

Your Need To Be Liked May Be Holding You Back

We really want people to like us. It’s just human nature. You may say you don’t care if people like you, and on the surface, that may be true. However, there’s a part of you that understands that openly not caring about being liked immediately makes you more likable — self-assurance is an attractive quality to have.

Children, like all people, appreciate being noticed. Image: Pexels.

Why I Don't Tell My Children I Love Them Equally

They are different humans — and I love them for who they each are, as individuals.