Matt Joseph Diaz

Matt Joseph Diaz


Matt Joseph Diaz is a public speaker and social media activist tackling the issues of body image and self love. Matt has been working in social media since the age of 15, and has a long history of creating online content for entertainment and educational purposes. Matts videos have accrued over 120 million views in countries all over the world as well as being featured in People, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, Upworthy and numerous other news websites. He now spend a lot of his time traveling and speaking on self love at conferences, colleges and public events. Matt Joseph Diaz currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.   

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New places give us opportunities to grow.

#MondaysWithMatt: Be Your Best Self, Everywhere You Go

You are not where you're from, and you are not your environment.

There were a lot of things I never could’ve been prepared for, going into the first surgery. Image: Matt Joseph Diaz.

5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Major Cosmetic Surgery

[CN: surgery, bodily fluids] There are scars, blood drainage, swelling and bruising — it’s essentially going to look like makeup from The Walking Dead following the procedure. Not only that, but you’ll probably lack the necessary energy to groom yourself like you normally do, and you might not be allowed to shower for an extended period of time.

Quick, someone catch that Eevee!

Mondays With Matt: 3 Steps To Get A Beach Body

Wondering how you can be be ready for the beach? Wonder no more! Matt shares three steps to help you get your body positivity on!

Self-care can be raw and difficult. Image: Thinkstock.

Self-Care Isn't Always Sweet And Cozy

When I share that I’m in a bad place, I’m told to curl up in bed with a nice book, eat my favorite ice cream or to take a relaxing bath. While these are all wonderful and helpful ideas, I think it’s important to discuss aspects of self-care that aren’t all about resting and treating yourself.

Thank you for this incredible year. Image: from Elizabeth Brooks Barnwell's "still:life."

One Year After Going Viral: How Stripping Down And Opening Up Changed My Life

I know that the world can seem like a scary and terrible place, where it feels like the threat of judgment and exclusion is constantly looming. That’s because it is; but there’s so much more love and kindness on this planet than evil and suffering. There is generosity and spirit in every human being that runs so deep, you’ll find it hard not to fall a little bit in love with each and every one of them.

You aren’t wonderful despite these things that make up who you are. You’re wonderful BECAUSE of them. Image: Thinkstock.

I Don't Want To Be Your Exception

Whether it’s your ethnicity, your religion, your sexuality, you do not deserve to be loved in spite of who you are — you deserve to be loved for who you are. Those things are a part of you, and they shouldn’t be swept under the rug or pushed to the side so someone can pick and choose the things they like about you.

What are we doing on our phones? That’s social interaction.

5 Reasons Millennials Are Better Than You Think

While every generation has its triumphs (Barack Obama, gay marriage, legalized marijuana) and missteps (Ed Hardy Shirts, Lost, making Gerard Butler famous,) millennials are actually a lot better than we get credit for. Need proof?

Take yourself on a date. Image: Thinkstock.

5 Things To Do When You Feel Bad About Being Single

You aren’t half of something waiting to be made whole — you’re a complete human being with your own important thoughts and ideas, looking for someone to add to your life. You're neither incomplete nor missing out on anything just because you’re single.

People are always surprised when they find out I have really severe social anxiety.

#MondaysWithMatt: What If Nobody Wants Me Around? 

It's Monday — Boo! But, it's also time for another installment of #MondaysWithMatt — Yeah!