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The Trials And Tribulations Of A Token Ugly Girl

I’m fat and trans and covered in body hair. But I have an abundance of affection beyond even my own comprehension.


Leigh Alexander, Feminist Gamer Journalist, Speaks Out

In a candid conversation with a fellow gamer feminist, Alexander dishes on GamerGate, social justice and the clown sundae at Friendly's.

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An Open Letter To The Woman Who Has Harassed The Trans Community—My Community—For Years

I need you to know that you share something with me—the very sort of woman you have devoted so much of your life to putting down.


Things My Exes Left Behind: A Flannel Shirt, A Polaroid And The Search For Common Ground

There's a dresser in my drawer, and all it contains is a flannel shirt and a picture of me and Henrietta, from Christmas 2013.