Joe Biden

Joe Biden and Meghan McCain on The View

Joe Biden Brings A Tear To My Critical Eye

Today I saw this video of Joe and Meghan, and for a just a minute I remembered that life is shockingly fragile and people are better than we think.

The Bidens join the Obamas in announcing forthcoming books from both husband and wife. (Image Credit: Flickr/Center For American Progress)

#RavsRadar: Book Deals For The Bidens!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we got all excited to find out that the


A Fond Farewell To Joe Biden, America's Favorite Weird Uncle

The man who launched 1,000 memes will be leaving government after 43 years of service, first as a Senator from Delaware, then as Obama’s right hand man.


Quote of the Day: Biden Says "Inhumanity is Inhumanity is Inhumanity," Slams Homophobes

Fist pumps for our rad VP, Joe Biden, and his gay marriage-loving ways.