Rebekah Kuschmider

Rebekah Kuschmider


Rebekah Kuschmider is a DC area writer with a background in non-profit management and advocacy. Her work has been seen at Babble, Scary Mommy, Huffington Post, The Mid, Redbook online, and The Broad Side. She is the creator of the blog Stay at Home Pundit and is a contributor to the upcoming book Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox (an anthology, SheWrites Press, Nov. 2015). You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Summer Zervos says she was harassed by her former "boss," Mr. Trump. (Image Credit: YouTube/Max G News)

#RavsRadar: Former 'Apprentice' Contestant Is Filing Defamation Suit Against (You Guessed It) Donald Trump

In what was arguably the most disturbing moment of the incredibly disturbing 2016 presidential race, America was treated to audio of Donald Trump b

This is probably not the ending the sting operation envisioned... (Image Credit: By Lorie Shaull from Washington, United States (Cecile Richards via Wikimedia Commons)

#RavsRadar: Felony Charges For Planned Parenthood Sting Operators

Hey, remember when a couple of douchebag activists pretended to be biomedical researchers and did a weird sting operation in an attempt to prove th


Clarence Thomas Spoke For The First Time In 10 Years, And It Wasn't Pretty

Hi. Happy Super Tuesday. Did you get out and vote if your state is holding a primary today? Good, good.


Two Gay Penguins Find A New Home

According to the Daily Mail, that’s the lesson animal experts at the Berlin Zoo have learned from Stan and Ollie, two king penguins who were supposed to be part of the zoo’s penguin breeding program. Instead of mating with female penguins and perpetuating their species as zoo officials hoped they would do, Stan and Ollie pair-bonded with one another.

Hold onto your hats, ladies & gents. Because the sheer ubiquity of spiders is staggering.

#RavsRadar: How Many Spiders Are Alive & Well In The World Today? WAY TOO MANY

We interrupt this dumpster fire that is the United States of America in 2017 to bring you what is probably the most horrifying news in the history

"While the Geneva location has a set opening date, Charvet may have his work cut out for him in getting the the London location up and running." Image: Unsplash, Jacob Rank

Where Can You Get Coffee, Pastries, And... Blow Jobs?

So, you’re on your way to work. You’re dragging and want a little pick-me-up before you hit the office.

Not sure if this underwear, overwear, or meant only for fashion shoots...

#RavsRadar: Can Someone Explain The Exact Point/Purpose/Raison D'Etre Of The 'Bralette?'

We interrupt Rav’s Radar’s usual discussion of Important Items of News to discuss bras. Specifically, bralettes. Specifically, these:

Trump just told Russia secret info provided by Israel. Ignorance leads to some pretty heinous consequences. (Image Credit: Di Michael Vadon via WikiMedia Commons)

Welcome To The WTF Zone: Trump 'Accidentally' Tells Russia Espionage Intel

The information Trump shared with Russia was given to U.S. intelligence agencies by a partner entity, and that partner had NOT given the United States permission to spread it around — because doing so could compromise the investigation.

Way to go, United - keep those girls in legging in check! (Image Credit: InSapphoWeTrust via Wikimedia Commons)

#RavsRadar: United Airlines Defends Its Dress Code Enforcement. WOW.

The year is 2017. Women have been entitled to all the rights of citizenship for 98 years.