Berlin Clubs Are Using Chocolate (Yes, Chocolate) As A Party Drug

There’s a new drug hitting the hottest clubs in Europe, and I suspect it’ll soon cross the pond to America. Or maybe it’s already here — in your cabinet, desk drawer, or the end-caps at your grocery store. It’s totally legal, very cheap, and you’ve probably been using it as a mood booster for years.

It’s chocolate.

Yes, sweet cocoa deliciousness is the hot new substance of choice at dance parties in Berlin. Partiers are eating, drinking, and even snorting chocolate as they dance the night away. There are even cacao pills you can take. Although, why anyone would skip the sublime experience of eating chocolate is beyond me. I mean, it’s CHOCOLATE. Eating it is the whole point.

Women’s Health cites the sugar high as the reason folks are so keen to go cuckoo for cocoa. Both science and anecdote agree that there’s something to the idea of getting jacked up on sugar and feeling a little buzzed, and chocolate is known to trigger serotonin and heighten endorphins — which can feel really good.

Whatever the case, chocolate won’t fry your brain or drain your bank account. It won’t even leave you hungover. Worst case, you’ll wake up the next morning feeling queasy from all the sugar, craving veggie juice or something.

So let’s all make plans to get hopped up on Hershey’s and rave like the Euro-kids! Par-tay!

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