Justice Alito

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Controversial Religion Uses Hobby Lobby Ruling To Protect Itself Against Child Labor Charges

If a contentious religious sect can dodge a subpoena because of the Hobby Lobby ruling . . . what's next?

Should we rush Delta Delta Delta, or join The Satanic Temple? (Credit: ThinkStock)

Move Over, Hobby Lobby: Satanic Temple Wants Health-Care Exemption, Too

Satanists are demanding their own legal loophole based on religious doctrine. Do they have a point?

Three of these things are not like the other ones (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Watch: Laugh/Cry at SCOTUS Boys-Only Fort

Is this Funny or Die video parody . . . or unseen footage?


Watch: Women are Shrieky and Weak if they Disagree with Hobby Lobby Ruling (Duh)

Oh, Fox News. We can always count on you to say the most vile things possible.