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#Girlgaze Founder Amanda de Cadenet On Authenticity & The Female Gaze

We chatted with her about the #Girlgaze book, the power of women being their authentic selves, and why she doesn't particularly care whether other people like her — and why you shouldn't care, either.

At first — I’m slightly embarrassed to admit — I mourned this loss.

I'm Middle-Aged, A Woman, And Invisible

Firmly middle-aged due to my 47 years, I’m fat and everything about me pretty much screams “Mom.” This means I no longer get sexually harassed. The closest I’ve gotten to being hit on in the last 10 or so years was that time a homeless man tried to touch my hair after I left the salon.

When it comes to the male gaze, I am now officially invisible.

Bachelor Chris Soules, sweaty, shirtless, and ready to be ogled (Credit: Michelle Money)

The Bachelor, Shirtless Men, And The Dawn Of The Female Gaze

Are the reality show's ubiquitous shirtless scenes a strange sign of progress?