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Sexts from Hannah? Of course I'll show you! Courtesy of Thinkstock

Hey Kids! Stop Sexting with this Handy New App

D.A.R.E. to keep kids off dick-pics. Just say no, teens, just say no.


Crime...There's an App For That! Why Smart Ladies Should Consider Kitestring

A new (free!) service alerts emergency contacts when you could be in danger. Is it worth using?


New App Can Find Your "Happiest" Facebook Friends (Is That Great, Depressing, or Does It Even Matter?)

While there's a whole bevy of humanity that knows all-too-well the sometimes detrimental effect Facebook has on our sense of self-worth, a new app developed by TIME is aimed at telling you who your happiest friends are...which could produce the opposite effect.


Entrain App to Revolutionize Travel, Jet-Setters Rejoice!

New jet-lag app, Entrain, aims to banish the traveling blues once and for all using circadian rhythms.


Cloak: Clever Anti-Social App or Evil Stalker’s Wet Dream?

“Love me or hate me, it’s still an obsession,” sang the Nicki Minaj of 2006, L


SXSW Presents: Nipple, the New (Useless, Yucky) Little Black Book

Do you keep a little black book of all the people you bang? I sure don't, but now I might start.