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Walmart Grocery Pick-Up Is A New Thing. Do We Still Hate Them?

I hate to love Walmart. It’s a complicated relationship, and their new car-side Walmart grocery pick-up is not making it any easier.

I feel less vulnerable when I’m there, more capable, with greater access to the necessities and niceties that make up a more stable life.

Why I Still Shop At Walmart Even Though Everyone Says Not To

I’ve come to like going to Walmart, for the simplest and most humbling reason.

Frangela Duo

Frangela's Idiot Of The Week: Walmart Shopper Caught With Stolen Goods In Her Vagina

A woman in a Pennsylvania Walmart has been accused of stealing $100 worth of groceries, and the main accomplice is her greedy-pink-pocket – VAGINA. That's right. Stolen goods were recovered from her vagina. And we are not talking about stealing a saltshaker either . . . she was doing some serious grocery shopping, folks.