Most adults don’t do play. They’re too busy worrying.

Adults Need To Play Even More Than Kids

When adultification overtakes a person to the point that they forget the importance of play, it’s easy to lose touch with the deeper layers of their own life-force.

Our children are fine; it’s racism that needs to shift. Image: Getty.

Fear Of The Free Black Child: Alternatives To Fear-Based Parenting Amid Police Violence

No black man, woman, or gender non-conforming person is safe from the terrorism of police brutality and racist white people’s actions against us, let alone our most vulnerable citizens, our children.

Sure, kids play games today, but they’re usually not face-to-face.

The Digital Playground: When Devices Replace 'Real' Play

Were you going to run into that cute guy John Williams on the way home? Would you see Anne Marie by the lockers and sort out what to do for the weekend? It was hit-or-miss, and that was the beauty of it. The breath-holding chance of it all. Now, our kids’ friends are as close as a keyboard stroke away. It’s too easy.


"Get Her A Chocolate Cake With Her Face On It": Advice from a Four Year Old

From the mouth of babes—at least this one—comes golden drops of glinting wisdom.

Scene from opening night in Washington, DC

Inside Out Of Silence, The Abortion Play Vying To Be The Next Vagina Monologues

We get a firsthand look at the women behind a powerful new play aimed at de-stigmatizing the abortion experience.

Leather handcuff bracelet (Credit: Crave)

Sex Toy Jewelry? Yes, Please

From leather cuff bracelets to a vibrator necklace, Crave's jewelry line has us hot and bothered.


Watch: Adorable Otters Play Sinister Tune on Keyboard

The National Zoo allows the aquatic cuties to fine tune their musical artistry.


Get Your Squeal On! Dog Charms Grumpy Cat into Playtime

Yup, it's that time of day ... impossibly cute animals time! Exhibit A: Dog desperate for a playmate.