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5 Menstrual Disorders We Need To Stop Asking Women To ‘Power Through’ At Work

I'll never forget the time someone told me to "stick a tampon in it" — that I was being "crazy" because my "hormones must be through the roof." Read...
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Here’s Why Some Women Get Pre-Period Depression

Sufferers of PDD experience profound feelings of sadness before their period. Read...
This is what PMDD looks like. It's also what depression looks like.

How A Misdiagnosis Almost Wrecked My Life

No medication seemed to really work, so I started to believe I was responsible for my own sickness. While I professed the notion in public that mental illness is akin to physical illness and therefore no more or less anyone’s “fault” for having to cope with it, when I was alone I hurled all the blame in my own direction.