Kassi Klower

Kassi Klower


Kassi is SHESAID's junior writer. She is a proud feminist who is always sleepy, loves cats, politics and writing about social justice issues. Follow Kassi on Twitter. 

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After becoming single for the first time in three years, I was keen to download Tinder.

I Used Tinder Purely For An Ego Boost And I’m Not Sorry For It

And I’m not the only one using Tinder for a bit of self-confidence, either.

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17 Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep Because Your Mind Hates You

Because just lying in bed stressing about how you can’t sleep is the worst thing you can do. Read...
While the kind of depression we have might not be compatible, we still are.

What It’s Like To Be In A Relationship When You Both Have Depression

Depression is difficult to live with, alone, or in a couple.

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I Tried These Hacks To Save Money For A Month

I am the Phoebe, Joey, and Rachel of my friendship group. I’m the person who never has money. Read...
I am good enough.

The Moment I Realized I Was Good Enough

I need to remember I am good enough. It’s my quirks and habits which make me who I am.

Don’t immediately dismiss my view because of the fact I’m a woman, and don’t ever tell me to shut up about politics and focus on makeup.

Stop Telling Me Not To Have Opinions Because I'm A Woman

If one more person tells me to stick to writing about fashion, I’ll flip. - See more at: http://shesaid.com/?p=228060#sthash.ixdKX2fW.dpuf

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6 Ways To Get Anyone To Like You, According To An FBI Expert

An FBI behavioral analysis expert gives his tips on how to win people over. Read...
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What I Wish People Understood About Living With PTSD

PTSD: Imagine living the worst moment of your life over and over again.

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Here’s Why Some Women Get Pre-Period Depression

Sufferers of PDD experience profound feelings of sadness before their period. Read...
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Here’s How To Sleep Like A Teenager Again

When was the last time you got a decent night’s sleep?