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I'm Never Going To Be A "Good" Polyamorous Person

“I’m never going to be a 'good' polyamorous person,” I confessed to my soon to be ex-boyfriend. He took my hand, eyes filled with compassion.

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On Figuring Out My Own Poly Style

The most important facet of any relationship is that everyone be treated with kindness and respect. Hierarchical terms do not accomplish that.

What is unhealthy is trying to force your square-shaped relationship into a round hole.

Ask Erin: Am I Polyamorous?

Am I polyamorous? Am I just f*cked up from all the things in my past? Was I just so sexually repressed, that I just need to fulfill this need before I can "settle down" and have a normal relationship?


I Have A Husband, 3 Kids, And 2 Boyfriends — And I'm Open To More

All across America, in sleepy suburbs just like yours, moms are hiding secrets.