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Keeping Intimacy Interesting When Trying To Have A Baby

Ovulation tracking, scheduling sex, optimizing positions - it is ironic and downright unfair that the act of baby making can feel so unsexy.

Nope, just nachos.

‘I Was Asked When The Baby Was Due. There Was Just One Problem…’

I’ve never been petite. I’ve never been slender. But nor would I describe myself as ‘looking with child’. Let alone looking like I’d been with child for four or five months. But on this day, apparently I did.

Pregnant? I'm NOT SURE.

The (IT’S NOT A) BABY Belly!

But seriously, Babywatchers. STOP IT. It’s none of your business. Commenting on a woman’s body in general without any solicitation from the woman is not only unwanted, it’s inappropriate.


What are the Rights of Pregnant Women in America?

Walmart abused a pregnant employee and subsequently fired her. But what exactly were Candis Riggins' rights to begin with?