public schools

The odd fundraiser or volunteer request is fine, but when they’re coming on a weekly basis, it’s just too much.

Dear Public School: Stop Asking Me For Money 

This is a public school, and every bloody week, there is at least one of these coming home. And before I go on, I know that our public schools are underfunded, and I know they need to get money somehow, but it’s getting ridiculous. At the moment, we are lucky enough that we can pay these fees. We can pay $20 for a picture our own child drew even though we get 20 of the same drawings every day for free. But not every public school family can. So many families are struggling to give their children the basics, to send them to school with breakfast in their tummies and lunch in their bags, without worrying about how they’re going to send their kid to the disco all their friends are going to, or how they’ll buy milk after sacrificing their last fiver for a Mother’s Day gift.

Our children are fine; it’s racism that needs to shift. Image: Getty.

Fear Of The Free Black Child: Alternatives To Fear-Based Parenting Amid Police Violence

No black man, woman, or gender non-conforming person is safe from the terrorism of police brutality and racist white people’s actions against us, let alone our most vulnerable citizens, our children.