race relations

Mass Incarceration: The Latest System Of Social Control Over Blackness

Blacks are being systematically controlled and oppressed through prison, probation, or parole.


White Fragility: Why It's So Hard To Talk To White People About Racism

The antidote to white fragility is ongoing and life-long, and includes sustained engagement, humility, and education.


The Dangerous Conflation Of Race And Reliability In News Anchoring

With Brian Williams starting a six-month suspension, it would make sense for NBC to consider giving a woman, or dare-I-dream-it, a minority a chance.

A behind-the-scenes shot of rehearsal. Courtesy of Beyonce's Facebook

The Problem With Beyonce's "Precious Lord" Cover At The Grammys

So, if there are so many ways to sing this song, and if it's meant different things at different points, why complain about Beyoncé's version?


Taylor Swift, Beyonce And The Dreary Pedestal Of White Perfection

As a white woman, Swift can afford to celebrate carelessness. Beyoncé, though, knows that even her casualness has to be perfect.

Stacey Dash, haunting your dreams since 1995. Courtesy of Facebook

An Open Letter And History Lesson For Stacey Dash

White privilege isn’t just some ephemeral construct created to showcase O’Reilly’s buffoonery.


Any Child I Have Will Be Brown: On Motherhood And Race

It’s still too soon to tell if I’ll have children or not. But if and when I do, the decision won’t be made based on fear or the color of their skin.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Street Fighter II: A Japanese/American Love Story

The game is an odd testament to the simultaneous strength of the nations' economic relations, and profound cultural differences.