Noah Berlatsky

Noah Berlatsky


Noah Berlatsky is a contributing writer for The Atlantic. He edits the online comics-and-culture website The Hooded Utilitarian and is the author of the forthcoming book Wonder Woman: Bondage and Feminism in the Marston/Peter Comics, 1941-1948.

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What A Bad Jason Isbell Concert Taught Me About Marriage

Irritation is the way of all flesh. The question is, if you're going to be annoyed for all of eternity, who do you want to be doing the annoying?


This Is What Happens When Your Family Decides To Get A Dog

If my wife and son had thought bubbles above their heads, like in the comics, you would be able to read them saying, "dog dog dog dog dog dog dog."

Émilie Du Châtelet (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Where Are All The Female Philosophers?

Is the gender of the philosopher a marginal curiosity—or is it more central?

Billie Holiday (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Blues Music's Hidden Queer History

The history of pop music, and of black pop music in particular, has always been gay history.

Dawn Richard (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The Rise Of The "Alternative Black Woman R&B Left-Field Genius"

The acclaimed solo album of former Danity Kane member Dawn Richard raises questions about the very nature of "cred." Is pop antitethical to artistry?

Credit: Flickr/U.S. Embassy New Delhi

All Hail The Great Women Of Gospel

The loss of gospel history has meant forgetting how important black women have been to American performance styles.


Newsflash: The Original Ghostbusters Was Totally Sexist

A Ghostbusters with a female cast is a thorough violation of the spirit of the original. And that's a good thing.

Andre Cymnone

Why Is Everyone So Scared Of Rock Music's Mixed-Race Roots?

The founder of the brilliant fyeahblackrockmusic Tumblr talks racial politics, Kelis, and . . . the Doobie Brothers?

A behind-the-scenes shot of rehearsal. Courtesy of Beyonce's Facebook

The Problem With Beyonce's "Precious Lord" Cover At The Grammys

So, if there are so many ways to sing this song, and if it's meant different things at different points, why complain about Beyoncé's version?