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Tess Holliday Shows Us That Short Girls Are Sexy Too

Can we petite women follow Holliday's lead using the hashtag #effyourheightstandards?


Chris Drackett: Clothing/Accessory Truck Vendor

Spotted at: Berkeley Flea Market

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Why We Should Celebrate The Bared Penises Of Paris Fashion Week

Push this envelope to the max!

Wow, it's almost like she's a real girl with real feelings. Who knew? (Credit: Facebook)

Is Taylor Swift Gay? It's None of Our Business

According to gossip-mongers, Swift may be involved with model Karlie Kloss. BS or not, whatever happened to privacy in the bedroom?


Hey, Model, Turn that Frown Upside Down: H&M at Paris Fashion Week Breaks Out with Grinning Girls

We saw a lot of variation in runway sets and themes during New York Fashion Week, with many being of the