What can you do for your kids after tragedy? We have some helpful tips!

7 Things You Can Do For Your Kids After Tragedy

Following a tragedy we are left devastated and desperate for answers. And what about our kids? Here are 7 things you can do for your kids after tragedy.

What MONSTER could hurt this darling face?? Grrr! Credit: Facebook

Modern Family Star Talks Domestic Violence, Gives Issue More Visibility

The domestic violence Sarah Hyland has faced devastates us . . . but gives us hope that more people will clue in to this massive issue.

The scene of the "crime." Courtesy of ThinkStock

Texas May Have Overreacted To 'Abandoned Fetus' In Girl's Bathroom

What looks like a miscarriage is being treated as a murder.


Why Orange is the New Black's Stalker Plotline is No Laughing Matter

The latest season of OITNB features a legitimate stalker. Just how common—and dangerous—is stalking? We dig up the chilling facts.