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Who Would I Be Without Overachievement?

That’s the thing about perfectionism. When you chase something unattainable, you complete a self-fulfilling prophecy. Read...
Chelsea Cristene of Role Reboot    |   02.28.19   |   SHARE
Is anything keeping you from believing that you deserve good things?

It Took Me Years To Realize I Deserve Good Things

Is anything keeping you from believing that you deserve good things? Read...
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I'm Not Pregnant, But I Look Like I Am 

I look pregnant. This body has made six humans. This belly has been inflated and collapsed and inflated and collapsed, and so on. What should it Read...
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Beyond Before & After
Impostor syndrome is a dangerous thing because it masks itself as humility. Image: Thinkstock.

On Success And Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is a disconnect in your mind between how everyone sees you and how you see yourself. It can be more dangerous than it seems. Read...
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The simple fact of realizing I had choices gave me freedom.

4 Things I Realized When I Discovered My Own Self-Worth

I wanted to keep people at a distance. I wanted sympathy and validation. I believed that I was inherently unworthy. However, lately, I’ve begun to Read...
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All Bodies Are Good Bodies. Except For Mine.

At some point intellect has to make room for something bigger, for something scarier than just about anything. In order to truly learn something, you Read...
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