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Ask Erin: I Need Help With My Non-Existent Married Sex Life

When we first got together, we were passionate and adventurous lovers. Once I got pregnant, that all went out the window. I have ZERO sex drive and don’t even want to be touched.  Read...
At this point, you might feel like some part of your anatomy is going to explode. Good. That’s the intended effect.

Sex Life Dull? Do This To Revive It In 7 Days

What if there was a way everything old could be brand new again?

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Just Because I'm Disabled, Doesn't Mean I Can't Have Sex

How much of sexual identity is dictated by disability?

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6 Ways To Keep Intimacy Alive Post-Baby

Having kids doesn't have to mean the death of your sex life.

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Sex And The Talmud: Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Men Are Obligated To Make Their Wives Come First 

Jewish law obligates men to make the woman orgasm first. Um . . . get me to the synagogue and under that chuppah ASAP.