Happy Birthday to Beautiful Badass, Audrey Hepburn

Quick! What do you know about iconic actress Audrey Hepburn?


Waris Dirie: Human Rights Activist

author. model. female genital mutilation abolisher.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Human Rights Report Accuses Peacekeepers In Somalia Of Sexually Abusing The Women And Girls They Are Charged With Protecting

The Human Rights Watch released a report on Monday titled “The Power These Men Have Over Us," a 71-page publication chock full of unthinkably grim findings.

Fadumo Dayib (Credit: Yle)

This Week In Pantsuit Politics: In Somalia, One Brave Woman Seeks The Highest Office In The Land

Also making headlines: Japan is welcoming five women to its cabinet, and Hillary has announced . . . when she may be announcing she's running.