7 Reasons Moms Who Swear Are The Best F*cking Moms

"We were writing two-letter sounds in writing the other day. Like –Ch, -Sh, -Ph and –Ck. The worksheet had –U-C-K, and the children were instructed to write a letter in front of –UCK to make a word."

Allowing your child to swear can help relieve stress.

I Let My 8-Year-Old Drop F-Bombs –– And So Should Every Other Parent

And then it happened. "F*ck," she whispered. "F*ck, f*cking, f*ck this!" An enormous smile crossed her face, which only got bigger when she saw my smile. We both laughed, she squeaked out one more "f*ck," and then she gave me one of the biggest hugs I've ever received.