If they want to have sex, they will find a way to have sex. They will have sex anywhere. Like, literally ANYWHERE.

5 Things Teens Won’t Tell You About Sex, Drugs, Other Scary Stuff

Peer pressure is real. And it’s applied in this order 1. Sex 2. Alcohol 3. Drugs (sometimes 2 and 3 trade places). Are you? Have you? How often do you? By the time they’re are in their junior year, it’s expected that they will have “done it.” And if they haven’t “done it”, they will certainly feel a lot of pressure to “do it.” All of it.

Why so sad, Angela? Jordan was hot! (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

My So-Called Neurobiology: Inside The Angsty Brains Of Teens

In honor of the 20th anniversary of "My So-Called Life," we decided to uncover the biological secrets of horrifying teen angst.