terrible twos

Would I relive the entirety of her year as a three-year-old just to revisit all that divine curiosity, joy, and chaos that I know I’ll always miss? Hell no. That’s a hard no.

Why Is Nobody Talking About The Horrifyingly Terrible Threes?

Whoever is responsible for coining the term “terrible twos” and leaving the entirety of the threes out of the equation is sitting at the very top of my sh*t list. Because a little warning would’ve been nice.

She's so much more than "those terrible twos" everyone keeps asking me about. Image: Thinkstock.

I Don't Think Parenting Is Miserable — I Actually Love It!

Nothing felt overwhelming. Not the initial cracked nipples or sleepless nights; not the constant babywearing or lullaby-singing; not the occasional cravings or muscle aches. Through hormonal changes and physical transformations (muffin top and lopsided breasts included), there was always her constant reassuring presence. She made it all worthwhile.