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Japanese Guides To U.S. Travel—Translated For Your Viewing Pleasure

“In Japan, hip hop clothes are considered stylish. But in the United States, it is wise to avoid them."


Flying First Class with Ebola: How the U.S. is Avoiding an Infectious Outbreak of Biblical Proportions

How is the U.S. transporting American Ebola victims back to the U.S. without spreading the infection?


Female Governors 101: How Much do You Know?

Are you up-to-date on the history and current context of women as heads of states? We’re breaking it down—and it’s kind of depressing.


The Ebola Outbreak: Coming to a Town Near You

The virus creates new horrors by the day in Africa. The wily nature of the disease, together with various social barriers creates the perfect storm.


Watch and Learn: Do You Know the Full American Empire?

The U.S. has territorial claims up the wazoo, not to mention some little-known citizen-swapping schemes with other countries.


For Belgium, World Cup Success Tempers Festering National Divide

A separatist movement in the country could be reaching an all-time high, but the Dutch and French can’t help but cheer together for the national team.


Bombings, Anthrax and Assassination: A Peek into the First Terrorist Cell in the U.S.

Bradley Cooper has expressed interest in producing a film about this seedy episode of American history.


Sanctions for Dummies: Here's How We Play It

As things heat up with Russia (and all that Crimea stuff), here's a deeper look at the chess game of sanctions.