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5 Types Of Men At The Gym (And How to Drive Them Away)

The bad news is that, no matter what you do, you’re unlikely to get any personal space at the gym — even when there are plenty of machines available, it is a law of the universe that some man will choose to work out no fewer than six inches from you.


Off The Cuff: How Do I Stay Stylish At The Gym?

Half the fun (or maybe more than half? Maybe all the fun, actually) of going to the gym is getting decked out in cute workout clothes.

Images courtesy of Nike

Sure, Nike's New Pro Fit Tool Sports Bra is Fancy, But Does it Offer Proper Support?

Oh and by support, we mean a wired, heavy-duty sports bra. The answer? Not really.


Watch: Putin-Approved Exercise Routine Fit for a President

Jimmy Kimmel capitalizes on world tensions and Obama’s recent workout video leak to provide a fitness regimen straight from Mother Russia.


Why Pole Dancing Will Never Be An Olympic Sport

How many of you were ultra-psyched to see