Every article I find is an opportunity to think more critically about my own craft.

10 Tips That Made Me A Better (And More Productive) Writer

It would’ve been a whole lot easier if the writing fairy had dropped out of the sky and told me what to do, instead of wasting months and months trying to figure it out. So I’m writing this with the hopes that I, your writing fairy, am saving you a hell of a lot of time by giving you this advice upfront. Here are some pretty basic tips that have helped me to improve on my craft.

My husband and I butted heads for years over my decision to be a writer.

Being A Writer Is My Decision — Whether Or Not You Understand

Just like anything else in the world, the struggle is very real. It’s my struggle and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Every day I get to experience my joy, my downfalls, and my life — and no one can really judge unless they have walked my path.