Keep working, keep pushing, live so that these people call you attention seeking activists every day.

A Love Letter To "Attention Seeking" Activists

Keep working, keep pushing, live so that these people call you attention seeking activists every day. You are making the world better.

Jimenez continued her advocacy work while studying at Queen’s College, CUNY where she obtained a B.A. in Political Science and Business and graduated Cum Laude.

Lovers & Fighters In America: Meet Cristina Jimenez, Executive Director Of United We Dream

In 2008, Jimenez co-founded United We Dream. As Executive Director, she has helped develop the non-profit into the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the country. With Jimenez at the helm, UWD has grown to a powerful network of 57 affiliates in 25 states, with over 300,000 members.

"If I could, I would almost always be outside and near the water."

#RavsWriters: Alaina Leary - Story Teller, Cat Lover, Mermaid

Welcome to #RavsWriters, an opportunity for you to get to know some of th

Black Lives Matter sticker

4 Ways For An Advocate To Engage In Self-Care

We are tired and hurting and don't know what else to do.

I was NOT prepared for how smart and mature he would become — and that he would allow me to see it! Image: Thinkstock.

Relax: You've Been Parenting Just Fine All Along

We parents always get caught up in our children’s delightful personalities and try to predict future careers. I have no doubt this little activist/politico has a bright future ahead of him making a difference for a lot of people, since he has more than made a difference for me.


7 Ways To Treat Your #ActivistBae

Self-care is hard, but it is especially necessary for those of us engaged in activism. It is easy to become so engrossed with activism (which, as you know, focuses on organizing and combating oppression) that self-care falls by the wayside. Participating in self-care, in fact, is a revolutionary act, and it should be equally ingrained in activism work. Out of selflessness, however, activists often put greater needs above our own.


Trans Teen Stars In Clean & Clear Ad

It can be hard to avoid feelings of cynicism when watching treacly, feel-good TV ads—we're lookin' at you,

Can we send flowers to her? Credit: YouTube

Watch: Pregnant Protester Takes Down Anti-Abortionists

"You don't know why people are doing what they're doing . . . I think this is so wrong, on so many levels."